Future of cleaner and greener air

At CLEANAIRGO, we are committed to aligning with global initiatives, offering solutions that comply with the highest international standards and contribute to the greater cause of a cleaner, healthier world.

CLEANAIRGO BY AIRRO - Crafting Cleaner Air for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Welcome to CLEANAIRGO, with our conscious step for a greener tomorrow, EnergoComplect LLC- Russia and AIRRO Engineering has collaborated to provide best-in-class solutions for Gas Cleaning & Solvent recycling needs. Right from listing down the customized needs together, we deliver a solution which is space saving, energy efficient & provides maximum recovery of solvents.

Made in India, designed in Russia

With experience since 1991, EnergoComplect LLC has, based on sound chemical engineering prowess, designed, delivered & successfully commissioned 4000+ units.

Providing unmatched efficiencies of up to 98%, the patented technology has garnered a lot of appreciation from the clients. Crafted with precision in India and enriched with the technological prowess of Russian design, our products stand as a symbol of quality, reliability, and environmental responsibility.

Clean Air for a Green Economy

We firmly believe that a clean environment is the bedrock of a sustainable economy. By producing state-of-the-art air scrubbers, we contribute to a green economy where industries thrive without compromising the air we breathe.

Our products are designed to reduce harmful emissions and minimize the ecological footprint, aligning with global efforts towards sustainability.


Oil and Gas







Metal ore (-s) Processing